The Three Circles of Your Work Network

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Do you want to be the best investor you can be? Then surround yourself with the very best Work Network you can. It's that simple. Take a look at the chart below. We've drawn it this way for two very important

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor's Work Network

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor's Work Network

Cultural Ecological Model

reasons: First, millionaires surround themselves with great people, and second, millionaires run in the right circles.

There is a practical reason why they do this and a scientific explanation for why it works. They surround themselves with great people because they mean to be great investors who intend to do more than one deal. They plan to duplicate their success many times over time. To do that, they have to actively, purposefully, and selectively build powerful working relationships that are long-term and mutually beneficial. They are creating a circle of influence with themselves at the center. Millionaires don't just seek influential people— they become influential.

There's a scientific reason why this works. When you are creating your own circles of influence, you're actually pulling people toward you and your goals. You're creating a true force of nature. It's called a centripetal force. The word centripetal is from the Latin for "center-seeking" and refers to any force that directs objects toward the center of a circle. In their world Millionaire Real Estate Investors are such a force. They intentionally attract the right people into their circles of influence and pull them in close around them. They are a center of influence.

With this in mind we want you to do two things: Visualize yourself surrounded by great people and start running in the right circles to attract and keep them. When you're clear about what you want your financial life to look like, you'll be clear about who you'll need to surround yourself with and what you'll need to do to attract those people. We want you to be intentional in your work relationships and never settle.

"Learning real estate is accelerated by finding a role model. Learn from someone who knows the business. Invest with someone who is willing to teach you. It's all been done before, so profit from the knowledge and mistakes of others."

Paul Morris Millionaire Real Estate Investor West Hollywood, CA

The right people in the three circles of your investment life will provide you with important benefits:

1. Leadership and Advocacy

2. Advice and Management

3. Work and Results

You will need all three to take your investment life to its highest level. Each circle has its own function, and building a Work Network is about finding the right people to fulfill each of these functions.

The model for building a Work Network is quite simple, but the positive impact on your financial success is quite profound. The lines that separate the circles in the Work Network chart shown above are not hard lines but logical ones based on the roles people will play in your real estate investing. As a result, you will have three distinct groups in your Work Network: your Inner Circle, your Support Circle, and your Service Circle.

Your Inner Circle: Leadership and Advocacy

Your Inner Circle is composed of the key people who absolutely and truly care about your financial success. No ifs, ands, or buts about it— they are committed to you. These are the people closest to you, the select group you trust the most. All of them should have more investment knowledge, experience, and success than you have and be willing to mentor and guide you. Think of them as your informal board of directors for wealth-building and real estate investment decisions—your own personal Millionaire Mastermind.9

What separates the members of your Inner Circle from everyone else is not what they do for you professionally but what they do for you personally. If you don't know what to do, they'll tell you or find someone who can. If you need help, they will provide it or connect you with some-

9 Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of the Mastermind in his classic Think and Grow Rich. He described the Mastermind principle as "the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony . . . No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."

Work Network: Your Inner Circle

Work Network: Your Inner Circle

Figure 20

one who will. If you need a partner, they'll become one or find one. This willingness to go out of their way to provide you with leadership and advocacy pulls them close to you—into your Inner Circle. While they also might be in your Support or Service Circle because of their professions, it's their active role in your personal investing success that makes them special. For example, they may be contractors, property managers, or real estate agents, but now, for

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