Think A Million75

The Spiritual Journey of Wealth Building 75

The Seven Ways Millionaire Real Estate Investors Think 77

1. Think Powered by a Big Why 79

2. Think Big Goals, Big Models, and Big Habits 82

3. Think Money Matters 87

The Money Matrix 88

4. Think Net Worth 94

5. Think Real Estate 97

6. Think Value, Opportunity, and Deals 110

7. Think Action 112

Nina's Rule: Watch Your Posture 119

Points to Remember 121

Attracting Wealth Through The Law Of Attraction

Attracting Wealth Through The Law Of Attraction

Wealthy people have this so called millionaires personal mindset, a way of thinking that separates the achievers and successful individuals from the rest of the population. Your subconscious is much powerful than the conscious mind. This can either help you fulfill your dreams or hold you from success that you want in your life.

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