Think Money Matters

We all have a fundamental choice in our financial lives: the path of earned income or the path of unearned income. In other words, you can work for money or money can work for you. On one path you get paid only for what you do; on the other you get paid no matter what you do. One path is well worn, and the other is largely undiscovered.

Somehow, some way the concept of building financial wealth—the path less traveled—has fallen through the cracks of our collective consciousness. As important as money is in our daily lives and as powerful as the concept of financial wealth building is, most people have not taken their financial education seriously. Millionaire Real Estate Investors, however, are different. For them, money matters. What is almost universally considered an elective is for them a prerequisite course for life. By choice, they're students of the financial wealth-building game.

At a certain point these investors grasped that understanding money paid dividends in their lives—big dividends. As soon as they made that connection, the pursuit of the knowledge of money—its history, its rules, and its disciplines—became a primary focus for them. They sought mentors, read books, listened to tapes, and attended seminars. They set out to get a superb home-school education in financial matters and received the equivalent of a master's degree in money.

Wendy Patton, a Millionaire Real Estate Investor from Detroit, MI, got her start when her mom gave her a set of real estate investment tapes.

Later, a $39 course on lease options formed the basis of the investment strategy she's successfully used for 15 years. Now she collects them. "I bought every course I could find. I have at least $50,000 worth in my library."

The goal of this book is to get you on the positive, life-changing path to passive income as quickly as possible. At the end of that path is a place called financial wealth where you have enough money working for you that you no longer have to work for money. But that kind of passive income doesn't happen by accident. You first have to get educated and then make investing a priority in your life. That education begins with the Money Matrix.

Fame And Fortune Affirmations

Fame And Fortune Affirmations

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