Truth In Successful Investing the Timing Finds

Timing is everything. But now that you know that, forget it, because you can't truly time anything.

Timing is one of the most misunderstood concepts in investing. When people say that timing is important, they are correct. Timing is not only important, it's critical to investment success. The economy is cyclical. Markets are cyclical. And buying and selling opportunities are created by the ebb and flow of the cycles. Finding the best time to buy or sell is called timing. What is misunderstood is the way timing actually is accomplished. Most people think timing is about active observation—sitting on the sidelines waiting for the moment when they should jump in and take action. It's a passive and then active approach. In other words, timing is about being reactive to opportunity. The truth, however, is that timing is all about being active—

active all the time. I believe "Generally, real estate is cyclical. You that the vast majority of have to buy in a way that lets you opportunities cannot be afford the cycles And you have to observed from the side- know where you are in the

Charles Brown lines—you must be in the Millionaire Real Estate Investor game. The best deals come ^ti^ tx from the best opportunities, and the best opportunities go fast. This is where the phrase "a window of opportunity" comes from. Investors recognize and seize these opportunities because they are always engaged in the game and close to the action.

Dyches Boddiford, a Millionaire Real Estate Investor from Marietta, Georgia, was watchful and engaged when he noticed that the day before a foreclosure sale a bank had lowered its opening bid on a property by more than $100,000. He knew this because, rather than taking the foreclosure information at face value, he called the bank to learn more about the property. Armed with that knowledge, he and a partner purchased the house at auction, put it back on the market priced to sell, and 90 days later made over $100,000 from the transaction. In retrospect, someone might say that Boddiford was lucky or had great timing, but Boddiford wasn't timing the foreclosure market. He was there every day, watchful for opportunity and ready to act on it when it arose. If you pursue opportunity in this way, you too can look like a timing genius.

In fly fishing they say, "You can't catch a fish with your hook in the air." That's also true of timing the market.

Successful timing is made possible by time spent on the task over time. You have to keep your hook in the water. Being active and engaged doesn't mean you're always buying and selling. What it does mean is that you are consistently searching with your Criteria, watchful for the moment when opportunity surfaces. This is what I mean when I say that timing finds you. You can never know the absolute best time to act except after the fact. Hindsight is, as they say, 20/20. Better to look at it like this: Any time an opportunity meets your strict Criteria and you act,

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