Truth Investing Is Only As Complicated As You Make It

Here's the truth: Investing is complicated. But to be fair, almost anything, taken as a whole, can appear more complicated than it really is. Take your car. You don't have to be a mechanic or an engineer to drive it, right? Of course not. All you have to know are the basic rules of the road and how to drive. Investing is no different. The trick is to step back and identify the aspects that matter the most. In the end I think you'll come to understand that the fundamental things you need to know and do to be successful are simpler than you might have imagined. It's like Warren Buffett says: "You don't need to be a rocket scientist. Investing is not a game where the guy with 160 IQ beats the guy with 130 IQ."

Chris Hake, a Millionaire Real Estate Investor in Madison, Wisconsin, started out like most investors, with books, audiocassettes, and seminars. He freely admits that there was more knowledge available than he could digest at once. But instead of being overwhelmed, he found a way to deal with all the new information: "I just treated it like a buffet line. You use what you can. The rest of it may not apply today." I think he is absolutely right. What I've come to understand about learning is that it is always progressive. It builds on itself step by step. Fractions look like nonsense to a child who has not yet learned about them in school. That's why good teachers start by teaching the basics and then build on them over time. On a practical basis, what I know is that you never need to know everything in order to do something. You just need to know the right

"People try to overcomplicate real estate investing. You can't pay $5,000 a month if you're not making $5,000 a month."

Jimmy Napier Millionaire Real Estate Investor Chipley, FL

things to do at any given moment. Over time, given enough chances to study and experience something, you naturally and progressively will learn everything you need to know to do it well. That is how you become an expert.

Real estate investing is no different. When you learn things in the correct order, your knowledge will come more easily and more quickly. One of the core goals of The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is to provide the fundamental knowledge you need to get in the game correctly and lay a foundation for success. Like anything else in life, real estate investing is only as hard or as complicated as you make it. As Forrest Gump might say, "Complicated is as complicated does." Great investing can be learned if you take it slowly, start with the basics, and follow proven models.

Think Big and Grow Rich in the Digital Age

Think Big and Grow Rich in the Digital Age

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