Assembling a Team of Experts and Advisors

Flying solo on foreclosures may seem like a good idea. After all, if you get other people involved, they may become rivals and pick up on your carefully guarded secrets. Flying solo, however, is a good way to go bust or at least limit your potential profit. Developing synergistic relationships with top performing specialists has been a key to my success and the success of almost all of the top real estate investors around the world.

In addition to providing expert guidance and advice for seizing opportunities and avoiding common pitfalls, experts deliver leads to potentially profitable properties, affordable financing, and quality contractors. They can assist you in managing your finances and in renovating and selling your property for top dollar after you purchase it. And, by delegating some of the workload to others who are better equipped to handle it, you free up time and resources for finding the most profitable opportunities.

Stand by your man — or woman

Tell your spouse or significant other about your plans to invest in foreclosure properties and ask for help. If your spouse is a couch potato and would prefer to remain anchored to a lounge chair over helping you work nights and weekends, then you're likely to find yourself swimming upstream — right into a concrete dam.

Your better half needs to know that you're planning on earning tens of thousands of dollars per deal, and since he is surely going to want to spend some of that money with you, he'd better dig his potato out of that chair and help.

I strongly recommend against any attempts to invest in foreclosures without the full consent and eager assistance of your spouse. I would hate to hear that after reading this book, you and your better half stopped calling each other "honey" and "sweetie pie" and started calling each other "plaintiff" and "defendant."

In Chapter 4, I show you how to assemble a solid foreclosure investment team consisting of the following members:

^ Real estate agent ^ Real estate attorney ^ Mortgage broker ^ Accountant ^ Title company ^ Home inspector ^ Contractors

In Chapter 5, I lead you to sources of financial capital to fuel your investments, and in Chapter 6, I lead you through the process of developing a strong support network that virtually ensures that you'll never run out of leads to profitable foreclosure properties.

With a solid team in place, you take on the role of manager and major decision maker and can create an efficient system that minimizes risk while maximizing profit.

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