Ten Ways to Maximize Future Leads by Acting with Integrity

In This Chapter

► Encouraging homeowners to get a handle on their finances

► Convincing the homeowners to seek assistance from family and friends

► Persuading homeowners to contact their lenders

► Hinting at the bankruptcy option

► Suggesting legal options homeowners can explore

Throughout the book, I discuss the need to be on the level with homeowners who are facing foreclosure. Acting with integrity distances you from the foreclosure predators who take undue advantage of distressed homeowners.

By remaining on the level, you can gain a competitive edge by building a reputation as the trustworthy go-to guy or gal for homeowners who are facing foreclosure. In other words, your integrity brings you more leads (which is the bread and butter and vegetables and meat of real estate investing).

In this chapter, I offer ten tips to use your integrity to maximize future leads — ten ways you can assist homeowners even if your assistance results in a missed opportunity to earn a profit.

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