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My trading career started out in the stock market. I am a true believer that you must master A before you move to B and that is why I had no interest in exploring other markets. Plus, I was doing well trading stocks so I didn't feel the need to trade other financial vehicles. However, as a trader your nature is always to be curious, to want to explore new and exciting venues. I always had an interest in the forex market. It provided the opportunity to trade with leverage and hence reach higher returns. While the leverage you could use trading stocks was 2:1, with the forex spot market it could be 100:1 or more! Don't worry, later on in the course we will go over the concept of leverage and its implications to trading.

I decided to start of trading the USD/JPY pair. It was amongst the most liquid of all, and more important, it was extremely volatile. First couple of months I studied its behavior. Paper traded some old strategies I used trading stocks, developed some new strategies. Added a bit here, subtracted a bit there. This was a whole new world! No more waiting for the up tick to go short. No more scanning amongst hundreds of stocks. No more getting killed with slippage. No more bad fills due to wide bid/ask spreads. The pair moved fast, had great liquidity and fills were mostly good, specially as time went by and retail trading became a larger part of the overall daily trading volume. As time went by I focused more and more on the forex market and less on individual stocks. It was logical. With stocks I had to wait sometimes a week or two to see descent profits. Now, with the forex market, most trades would last an average of 2-3 days (in case of swing trading, much less when daytrading), sometimes a bit more. And as I already mentioned above, I needed the psychological edge that fast gains provide.

I kept on trading the forex market gradually adding new currency pairs, eventually over 90% of my trades were in the forex spot market. Today most of my trades are in the GBP/USD, EUR/USD and USD/CHF markets since they provide the best opportunities (in terms of liquidity and volatility). The advanced trading strategies you will learn in this course are best traded with these pairs.

Forex Trading Secrets

Forex Trading Secrets

This Forex trading guide is all about giving you secrets and known best for a beginners guide to the Forex trading market.

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