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If you have investments in mutual funds and equities in the U.S. equity markets, learning about forex and even trading forex can be an important tool to improving performance. From the perspective of the long-term investor, forex becomes a legitimate asset category.

For investors who concentrate on developing portfolios of major companies, knowledge of forex can make a difference in which companies you choose and when to rotate your portfolio. The fact is that multinational corporations have significant revenues coming from global sales. Entire sectors provide products that depend on foreign manufactured goods. Nike, Coke, Microsoft, and GM are a few top-of-mind examples of the intimate relationship between the profitability of a firm and the direction of the dollar. Investors armed with knowledge about currency trends can determine if their portfolio is balanced, reflecting global currency realities. During times of a trending weaker U.S. dollar, portfolios should be weighted to corporations that benefit from exports.

Those investors looking to trade forex within an IRA are now able to do so. You can establish within an IRA a FBO (For Benefit Of) account that places funds in the sub account allowing direct forex trading. Several firms have these arrangements established.

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