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Paige Cofnas

Abe Cofnas has been the forex trading columnist of Futures magazine since 2001 and has been a leader in designing and delivering forex training courses. He has conducted seminars in the United States, London, and Dubai as well as online training in all time zones. Mr. Cofnas founded www.learn4x.com in 2001 as the desktop forex trading industry started to provide education and training in this field. He recently founded www.currencygames.com, a company providing forex education and global forex competitions. He has been in the financial service industry as an equity broker, futures, and forex trader since 1990.

Mr. Cofnas holds two master's degrees, in political science from the Graduate School of Political Science, University of California, and in public policy from the University of California, Graduate School of Public Policy. He currently lives in Longwood, Florida, with his wife, Paula, where he conducts research on artificial intelligence programs using cellular automata and enjoys digital photography. He has a daughter Paige, 25, and a son Paul, 22.

The Forex Trading Course


What Drives the Forex Market?

Part I of this book offers a look at the "big picture" in foreign exchange (forex) trading, that is, what forces influence currency price movements. These forces are accepted by economists around the world as responsible for changes in the value of currencies. The person learning to trade forex or trying to improve his or her trading will benefit from a gain of knowledge of these fundamentals. In fact, as you will see, fundamental forces act as leading indicators of currency movement.

U.S. and global interest rates, economic growth, and market sentiment toward the dollar are the key ingredients that shape trading opportunities. Part I provides basic knowledge on how these factors impact forex prices and how they can be used in selecting trading opportunities.

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