Toronto Daily Star Nov 20 1968 by Jim Proudfoot

A fortnight ago, Jim Dillard was in the worst slump of his football career and had begun to think there was no way out. Then he was introduced to Psycho-Cybernetics, the philosophy of a man called Maxwell Maltz. Dillard was sold on the idea immediately, started to study a book on the subject, and in the two games he's played for the Argonauts since then, has averaged 7.9 yards each time he's carried the ball from scrimmage.

The improvements have been dramatic, to say the least, because during the 14 game Eastern Conference schedule, his average output was a meager 4.6 yards. Moreover, he was sluggish and out of tune with his fired-up colleagues. Now, since the playoffs began, he's been blocking and running decisively, like the Dillard of bygone years.

Before, he ran as if expecting to be stopped. Now he runs as though convinced he can't be stopped. Dillard's revitalization is an important reason the Argonauts now find themselves close to the eastern championship and entry to the Grey Cup final, owners of a 2-point lead over the Ottawa Roughriders in a playoff doubleheader, which is to be completed at Ottawa's Lansdowne Park Saturday.

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