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The number and variations of online resources can frazzle the mind and everyday more and more sites are uploaded to the Internet. Resources range from informational Web sites, online magazines, online educational sites, to interactive trading markets. That doesn't include online publishers where you can purchase stock investment books from sites such as or or financial and media business sites.

One of the changes that the online trading market is in the process of instigating is longer trading hours. Traditionally, floor-based trading occurred between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., however, online markets are changing all that. Many speculate that 24-hour trading is far away.

Many online trader sites offer stock picks and specific recommendations for people who register on their site and subscribe to email newsletters. You can find online chat rooms and active bulletin boards where you can post messages and follow-up responses. The idea is to provide a market of communication for ex where you can post messages and follow-up responses. The idea is to provide a market of communication for firm experts, experienced individuals, and even amateurs just getting started.

You will need to surf through these online trading sites, read as much as possible until you feel comfortable returning to a select few and following the suggestions and advice they provide on their sites. Choose one specific trading site as your homepage which will be most helpful to you, and bookmark any others of interest.

Please realize that not all the information on these sites can be taken as absolute. Many people will offer information based on their opinions, experience and education. The opinions may or may not be helpful, but the experiences and education could be of assistance to you while in the process of learning. Listening and heeding advice can sometimes help you to avoid mistakes that others have made, however, it can also mislead you into making bad decisions. You have to do your own research, self-education, take classes and weigh advice based on other cross-references and your instincts. You will make mistakes. No experience can be error free or it wouldn't be experience. Use your mistakes wisely, learn from them so that you don't repeat them.

The following lists are current online Web sites organized by appropriate categories.

Media Web Sites

ABC News


CBS Marketwatch

CNN Financial

MSN MoneyCentral

The New York Times

News Alert

ReutersMoney Net

$Wall Street City

Dow Jones Newswires

Standard & Poors ComStock

Multex Investor

Trading Web Sites

The Daily Trader Daytraders On-line Online Trading Academy On-Site Trading Pristine Day Trader AltaVista Finance


Financial Center

Interactive Investor


Investor Words

The Motley Fool

The Raging Bull

Silicon Investor


Institutional Investor Online

Strictly Stock Online

Online Magazines

Money Magazine FT expat Magazine Fortune Magazine Business Week Online Web Finance Magazine Better Investing Magazine

Mutual Funds Magazine

Traders World Publishers publishes four magazines that can be found through their Web site:


Personal Finance

Wealth Manager

Bloomberg Money

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