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Fellow Traders,

This is a book I never thought I would write; how many times have you read that before? However, I never imagined doing this project. The genesis of this E-Book came about because I was (and still am) tired of Forex Trading being touted as a get rich quick scheme. I hear about these Black Box systems being sold for $79.00 and they tell you when to buy and sell. If any of these systems were worth anything, they would cost much more then $79.00 and major banks would use them instead of Human Traders. I, as a Chief Dealer would have loved to deal with computers instead of people any day. Computers don t come into the office with an attitude, they are never hung over from the night before, and always do what you command. Unfortunately and fortunately this is not the case. You need human interaction in Forex, because the Forex market is the sum of all fear and greed. (The Forex Market is always thinking, it is alive, it is you and I and everyone else. It is Trillions large.) These are the reasons that no program will continue to work, Forex trading is not a Mathematical Equation. Human Ideas and feelings about what the world financial conditions are, always in flux. There are no computers that can gauge the constant shift in money flows. Mathematical

Models have been around since the late 1970s, I have yet seen any that can out perform a well trained trader.

In the Forex market you are going to up against the biggest, brightest, most greedy minds in the world. They will have control of the worlds bank roll; have the ability to stay in the game when you can not. They are the smartest financial sharks in the ocean of investments. These predators are the International Banks. I have had the pleasure to trade with and against them. With names like Deutsche Bank(I started my career there), Credit Suisse, Citi Bank, Harris Trust Chicago, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Union Bank Of Switzerland, Credito Italiano, Swiss Volksbank, Banca CRT, Sakura Bank, Tokai Bank, Yasuda Trust of Tokyo, Barclays Bank the list goes on and on.

How can you expect to buy a system for $79.00 and expect to beat these guys? They hold your orders, they know were all the Stop Losses are. They know were all the orders for take profits are. You as a trader have to think like they think, (if you can t beat them, join them). It is my intention to give you the insights on how to be proactive in trading, and how to think like the bank guys (and gals) think. It is going to be a bit difficult to into your head, however, I am going to show you how you must act as a market maker acts ,you will learn to buy when everyone is selling, and sell when everyone is buying (at predetermined levels). It is only with your head in the game can you win. I have developed theses skills and tested them against some of the greatest traders in the world (George Soros of the Quantum Fund for one example. Take a peek below, this is what those $79.00 systems are up against.

A picture of a few friends in Bahrain. Monster Room of UBS
Marrket Makers Ubs

This is Union Bank of Switzerland Trading Floor, 1500 Traders strong. One of the largest dealing Rooms in the world, if not the largest. JP Morgan Chase in NY is pretty large as well about the size of a U.S. football field. Keep in mind they have branches all over the world, not quite as large as their World Head Quarters though. The rooms I worked in were % that size, but that's still pretty large. I can remember times when I said," I have a bunch of rocks and a quiver full of arrows, I am up against these guys and they have Nuclear Weapons."

Here is a look into Citi Bank in London's Trading room. When I am trading from my small office, I remember sitting in one of these large rooms and I laugh to myself as I enter trades for 1 tenth the size I used to trade. I can still see and hear in my minds eye how the room would react off of different price levels. As a member of the Elite Forex Club ACI(Associate Cambiste International) I can recall the slogan "Once a dealer always a dealer." It holds true, Forex gets into your blood it becomes part of you. I do enjoy trading from my home as much as I did at the bank perhaps a bit more, you will as well with the techniques I am about to teach you.

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