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I am an Italian trader and I want to offer you my congratulations. Your site has all the right concepts about trading, not like so many others. People use fundamental analysis, technical analysis (methods like Elliot, Gann, Fibonacci, pattern recognition and other technical indicators that are completely useless) or new technology like neural networks or genetic algorithms because they want to predict markets, control the market and because they do not know the really important things for trading success. We must have rigid money management rules and control volatility. If we do not do this and the market go against us, we will lose.

Congratulations again for your site. DM

Thank you very much for the suggestions! I TRULY appreciate the quick and to the point responses. If any potential customers have questions in regards to client support, I will gladly recommend the site and acknowledge the professionalism of the staff. I will paper trade a few months and then start with stocks and mini contracts as suggested. If you need any references in regards to the follow-up support that you provide, again I would be happy to answer any skeptics!

Thanks - Nathan

Isn't it funny/perverse that according to a long term trend follower's philosophy (and indeed according to a rational assessment of the odds), buying Sep S&Ps at 1040 was the worst possible trade you could have done today (the extreme in an emerging trend) and yet those who did think they are geniuses? I basically finished the main body of my testing a couple of months ago. What I have ended up with is similar to the Turtle 'system'...I regard spending the $1000 on the material as a worthwhile outlay because:

a.) I got confirmation that the approach I was already taking was right.

b.) Ultimately, it propelled me to write the code for all the simulations.

c.) The trend followers' trading results are very valuable as they provide an objective measure of whether a system is worthy of being traded in practice. My simulated results assuming realistic slippage are comparable.

Best Regards, Paul

I guess I am conditioned to be skeptical of any system, but your Turtle site has me intrigued beyond what I usually consider my better judgement. I have been trading stocks and options for 3 years now. I have no formal training, haven't ever been to any kind of investment/trading seminar, and have never purchased any trading system. I have accumulated a library of around 100 books that cover many aspects of the markets, methodologies, and trading in general. My background is unique in that I have a degree in trumpet performance, yet professionally I am a Vice President of a company that makes and sells pickles and condiments. I also have an MBA. I am 31 years old. I first stumbled onto the Turtles while on vacation in 1995 as I was relaxing in my chaise lounge on a small speck of a Caribbean island carefully reading both Market Wizard books and a few others. At that moment in time I hadn't the foggiest idea I'd actually be able to make real money by trading, but I knew I wanted to trade and I knew I could teach myself at least the basics. Since that time I opened an E*Trade account and have turned a $2000 account into around 100x that. Now by any measure of success this would be considered good, if not excellent but I am entirely disappointed because of my mistakes. If I had followed my plans on each trade I'd easily have 1000x my original account. In any event, I think I have lots of room to improve. I managed to escape the bulk of the Nasdaq selloff in April, but I wish I had the courage to play other markets or to play the downside to make money. For some reason I haven't been able to do this. I effectively played call options and some spreads during the speculative runup last fall, but I am having this trader freeze right now where I am scared to do anything after a couple of mistakes. I need some kind of system. I don't trade 50x a day. And I don't trade everyday, but your system seems as though it might broaden my horizons so to speak. If it is true, that anyone can be taught your system of long-term trend following and it isn't just a buy and hold concept, then I am interested. As George Soros once said, it takes courage to be a pig. Is the Turtle method the map to the hogpen?

Kindest Regards, Brian D.

Dear TurtleTrader, This has got to be the most prolonged reading session by computer that I have ever done, thank goodness for the speed reading course I did last year. Having once connected to your website I was glued to it. The information you provide seems to me to be the most realistic representation of profitable trading I've seen anywhere in my search for a successful trading education so far. Thank you your site itself was an education...Presently I am involved in trying very hard to legitimize my previous purchase of a Gann based trading system but find that reading books from the early part of the last century written by a man who would have greatly benefited by the services of a good proof reader and who definitely had a knack for writing in the most obscure fashion extremely arduous. What's more this company sounds similar to the ones mentioned in your website that have an introductory package that encourages you strongly to purchase more highly priced continuation packages. I feel I am destined to failure if I continue down this path as in future packages greater and greater emphasis is placed on calling probable market highs and lows in advance. I guess what I am asking in the above is - Is the Turtle Trading package readily understandable by someone with limited experience in the world of international money markets? I do not have a great amount of free capital that I can commit to trading approx. $i5000-$20000. Would I be wasting my time pursuing trading at this stage...or would I be best advised to wait until I have attained more capital? I would be certainly interested in the product you are offering as the more that I read about trading the more I realize how important money management is in trading success and certainly this is one message that comes across loud and clear in the material that you have presented. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

Yours sincerely, Peter B.

I would like to compliment you on your web site. I find it educational, informed

stimulating and one of the best sites on the internet.

Thank you, Joe L.

Support at TurtleTrader

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