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May 2002

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No. 1 Source for Trend Following Worldwide Est. 1996 | Clients in 67 Countries

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May 2002 was a tremendous month for trend followers. Some sample returns for the month of May 2002:

• KMJ Capital Management +16.70% (2nd Generation Turtle)

• Millburn Ridgefield +14.13%

What markets were they winning from? Some examples:

Example 1

Example 2

Exanple 3

Example 4

When examining example performance numbers realize annualized ™

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Market Wizards

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Richard Dennis John W. Henry Ed Seykota Bill Dunn Richard Donchian Ludwig von Mises Soros & Zero-Sum Jack Schwager numbers are all net of management and incentive fees. What does this mean? Those numbers reflect performance after the individual trader has taken their approximate 20-25% cut. Hypothetically, if one Market Pr°°f

• Performance traded the Turtle trend following system alone the numbers would be nearly 25% higher since there are no performance fees to pay.

More on fees and performance.

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