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Jack Schwager trading as a trend follower.

The most successful Turtle was Curtis Faith. Trading records show that Mr. Faith, who was only 19 when he started the program, made about $31.5 million in profits for Mr. Dennis. Mr. Faith says he was so successful because I went into it with the least fear, probably because of my age.

Ed Seykota, trading as a trend follower, turned $5,000 into $15,000,000 over 12 years in his model account. That's a 250,000% return. Ed is one of the great teachers alive today, specializing in money management and psychology. Michael Marcus, a student of Ed Seykota, turned $30,000 into $80 million trading as a trend follower. Jerry Parker was a small town person from Lynchburg, Virginia that went onto become the largest of the original Turtle traders making well over $100 million dollars profit for himself by the age of 40.

Bill Dunn has traded as a trend follower since the mid 1970's. He has averaged over 25% annual compounded return for 25 years. His net worth exceeds $200 million dollars. All from trend following trading. One of his trend following funds is up 7112% since 1974.

Richard Donchian is considered the father of trend following. His success started in the 1950's. His students have gone on to earn millions in the marketplace.

David Druz interest in markets started while he attended the University of Illinois in Champaign, majoring in electrical engineering and computer science. A fraternity brother made a killing in the markets, and Druz was hooked. His buddy got him a job at Stotler & Co. doing fundamental research. Despite this interest, he continued on to medical school. He attended Johns Hopkins University, but still managed to do research for Stotler, where he got into weird scattergrams about previous years' crops

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