I have to thank you for your service. I have been involved in the trading arena since 1995 and have at different times been a broker and trader and have been witness to some of the biggest scams ever devised. I have seen droves of unsuspecting people being led to the slaughter by unscrupulous marketers, themselves having only the tiniest bit of trading knowledge or experience, pushing the latest Holy Grail. With this overview I've become very pessimistic of any type of trading program. It took me a long time researching your site before I finally bought the program. It was the greatest investment I have made. Before your program, I have bought and read countless books on trading and never has the information on money management been addressed like you do here. Definitely the most important issue in trading. It took me a while to shake the market entry and timing bug and focus on money management but once I did it created a simplified trading process and makes it much easier to stomach being in the markets. I am still chewing on a couple of the techniques and refer to the manual frequently but believe, in time, they will all become second nature. Thanks again for standing up and putting out a program that is real and keep up the great support.

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