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4X Made Easy is a powerful charting and instant trend analysis tool that receives real-time foreign currency price data and updates directly over the Internet. 4X Made Easy boasts a winning combination of high-quality graphics matched with a complete set of money management analysis functions for almost any trade style. 4X Made Easy's on-screen arrows and next-generation buy/sell lines are the definitive directional-analysis tools for 4X Made Easy traders.

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4X Made Easy 5.0 is perfect for the novice or master trader. 4X Made Easy provides real-time tracking and analysis of the top currencies in the world without the use of complex charts and graphs. Instead, its unique and simple green arrow, red arrow color indicator system identifies trends as well as possible entry and exit points.

This is the software that I founded. It was a dream of mine to have something that could allow individual investors easy access and trade ability to the FOREX (see Figures 5-2, 5-3, and 5-4).

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