Best to Take the Path of Least Resistance When Applying for Rezoning Approval

When it comes to selecting properties for rezoning, I am a firm believer in taking the path of least resistance. This is why I buy options only on properties that can be relatively easy to rezone to more profitable uses, that is, properties that are well below the public radar screen and not located close to well-established neighborhoods inhabited by vocal activists who make it a habit to protest all rezoning requests at public rezoning hearings. In other words, you will not find me buying an option on a single-family house in a tranquil residential neighborhood with the expectation of getting a rezoning request for an adult business approved. As a general rule of thumb, when I am looking for a property that can be rezoned to a more profitable use, I look for properties that are located in emerging commercial areas, where rezoning requests have been relatively easy to get approved. I specialize in single-family houses on double-sized lots that can be rezoned and easily converted into professional office space for doctors, attorneys, accountants, and dentists. I want double-sized lots to make certain that there is ample room for parking spaces and landscape buffers at the property lines.

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