Dont Confuse an Industrial Cleaning with an Extreme Property Makeover

There is a world of difference between giving a property an industrial-strength cleaning and doing an extreme makeover like the ones shown on TV, where they take a building apart and put it back together. An industrial-strength cleaning is nothing more than a very thorough cleaning, which dramatically improves a property's curb appeal by:

1. Removing all of the trash from the building and grounds.

2. Putting the building and grounds in a broom- and rake-clean condition.

3. Cutting and removing all of the overgrown brush, grass, and weeds from the grounds.

4. Trimming shrubs and trees.

5. Pressure washing all exterior walls to remove grime, mildew, mold, graffiti, and peeling paint.

6. Pressure washing concrete walkways to remove grime, mold, grease, and oil.

Whatever you do, please do not do like a rookie option investor in Dallas, Texas, who got carried away during a property cleanup and had new carpet installed in a house he had under a three-month option. I learned about this bigtime blunder when the investor sent me an e-mail, lamenting about how he lost $4,500 on his first option deal. As I told him in my reply, his first mistake was in paying $2,000 for a three-month option with no right to extend the option period. And then he compounded his mistake by having $2,500 worth of carpet installed in a house he did not own. The option expired before he was able to find a buyer and he was out $4,500, with nothing to show for the time, effort, and money he had spent on the property.

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