Hire an Experienced Board Certified Real Estate Attorney in Good Standing

To avoid being snookered by some incompetent $300-an-hour attorney in an Armani suit and alligator shoes masquerading as a real estate attorney, I very highly recommend that you proceed with caution when selecting a real estate attorney. You must hire an honest, competent, board-certified real estate attorney in good standing, who has experience working with real estate options. Once your attorney is hired, his or her job is to advise you on the proper preparation of your real estate option agreement. A word of warning: Please do not ignore the very sage advice that I am dispensing here and use the services of an attorney specializing in divorce law to advise you on real estate options. You must hire the services of an experienced, board-certified real estate attorney in good standing who:

1. Specializes in the daily practice of real estate law.

2. Is well versed on how real estate option transactions work in your state.

3. Has ample experience preparing real estate option agreements.

4. Knows how to insure real estate options properly with title insurance.

5. Is affiliated with a reputable title insurance underwriter.

6. Is licensed to sell title insurance in your state.

Real Estate 101

Real Estate 101

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