How to Complete a Fast Property Cleanup on Schedule and within Budget

Once a property is put under option, time is money and you cannot afford to dilly-dally around with the cleanup. And the trick to completing a fast property cleanup on schedule and within budget is in knowing how to:

1. Plan: Develop a cleanup plan based on the property's appearance and information that was derived about the property's physical condition during your pre-buy inspection of the property.

2. Budget: Calculate a budget by using a bottom-line mentality, which is based on exactly what needs to be done to maximize the property's visibility, accessibility, curb appeal, and resale value and nothing more. In other words, when you calculate your cleanup budget, use the bare minimum amount of money necessary to obtain the maximum return on every dollar spent cleaning up the property.

3. Schedule: I use what is referred to in the military as backward planning to establish a cleaning schedule timetable. I do this by calculating a realistic completion date, which is based on a six-day workweek and takes possible unforeseen problems and local weather conditions into consideration. Once I have established my property cleanup completion date, which for me is never more than six days from the start date, I establish a work schedule for each phase of the cleanup.

4. Hire: If you do not have the knowledge, experience, time, or desire to do a professional cleaning job, hire competent professionals to do it for you.

5. Supervise: If you do not have the knowledge and time to supervise the cleanup yourself, hire a competent professional to do it for you.

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