How to Use a Property Wanted Web Page to Search for Properties Online

First and foremost, use what I commonly refer to as the great equalizer, the Internet, to search online for properties to buy real estate options on. The most efficient way I know of doing this is to have a property wanted web page on your web site, which uses URL forwarding for a property wanted domain name. If you already have an existing web site online, for an annual fee of around $50, you can have your property wanted domain name forwarded to a specific web page on your web site. For example, when you use URL forwarding, or domain redirection, you can link your property wanted domain name directly to a property wanted web page on your existing web site. This way, you avoid the cost and aggravation of building an entirely new web site for your property wanted domain name. For example, my company, Home Equities Corp, owns the URL or domain name, which has URL forwarding to the property wanted web page at This means that whenever the domain name www.rentalpropertywanted is typed into a browser, the URL is automatically forwarded to the Home Equities Corp web site, which is the destination domain.

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