My Real Estate Option Investment Business Modus Operandi

My real estate option investment business consists of one person, me. I work alone and have no hourly employees at my beck and call. And, I love running my real estate investment business this way! When I need to have something done, I hire it out to an independent contractor, who charges me by the job. By doing this, I avoid all of the rigmarole that goes along with babysitting hourly employees and dealing with the numerous government agencies that oversee employers. Because of my business modus operandi and the plain fact that I am what most people would consider downright frugal, I have to use inexpensive property search methods that do not require my physical presence in order to be effective, but which allow me to be at the right place at the right time. I accomplish this by:

1. Using the Internet, web sites, and uniform resource locator (URL) forwarding in my constant search for potentially profitable properties that I can buy low-cost real estate options on.

2. Placing classified property wanted ads in daily newspapers.

3. Mailing letters to out-of-town and problem property owners.

4. Obtaining insider information on potential option properties that are not advertised from my own network of paid informants, commonly known as bird dogs.

5. Paying finder's fees to people who tell me about properties that I buy options on.

6. Keeping a constant lookout during my daily travels for vacant, run-down properties that are potential option properties.

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