Some Property Owners View Negotiations as a Sort of Cat and Mouse Game

For whatever reason, some property owners are overly coy about clearly stating the asking price for their property. When questioned about their asking price, they mumble something to the effect of, "Make me an offer." This type of owner seems to view selling property as a sort of cat and mouse game, in which the owner assumes the role of the cat, while assigning prospective buyers the role of mice. I do not know about you, but I am not too keen on playing cat and mouse games with anyone, especially not with property owners who are not serious sellers. When you meet owners like this, do as I do and nonchalantly hand them one of your business cards and ask them to please call when they decide on an asking price. Doing this will usually cause the property owner to mutter something along the lines of: "Well, aren't you even going to make me an offer before you leave?" At this point, I politely inform the owner that I am running late for my next appointment to look at another property. If you handle this type of scenario in the detached, professional manner that I have just described, more times than not, the property owner will contact you later on to see if you are still interested in buying an option on the property. At this point, the owner has outsmarted himself or herself and unwittingly put you in a position of power, from which you should be able to negotiate a low-cost real estate option and below-market purchase price on buyer-friendly terms.

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