The Most Important Advice in This Entire Chapter

Here is the most important advice in this entire chapter: When searching for undervalued properties to buy real estate options on, concentrate all of your efforts on identifying, locating, and contacting the owners of property in your area who are most likely to sell you a real estate option on their property. In most areas, this means honing in on out-of-town and problem property owners. Why these two particular types of owners? In most cases, out-of-town and problem property owners have a compelling personal or financial reason for wanting to sell their property. As a result, they are the type of property owners who will provide you with the most opportunities to buy low-cost real estate options on properties that you can purchase at below-market prices. If you follow the advice I am giving you here, you will be able to find profitable option properties in half the time that it will take most other people who are clueless about where to look. However, if you completely ignore what I have just told you to do and instead look for properties to buy options on in the usual helter-skelter fashion employed by most people, you will more than likely come up empty-handed. And all you'll have done is squandered away your valuable time and money.

Dead Organized

Dead Organized

This audio book is all about Estate Planning and being organize for it. Learn within this audio and guide how to become more organized so you can prepare yourself for planning.

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