Twelve Sound Rules That You Should Follow as a Real Estate Option Investor

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Finally, this introduction would not be complete if I did not include the following 12 sound rules that you should follow as a real estate option investor:

Rule 1: Know what you do not know.

Rule 2: Do not buy problems that you cannot solve.

Rule 3: Make your profit when you buy.

Rule 4: Have an exit strategy before you enter into a deal.

Rule 5: Anticipate situations before they become problems.

Rule 6: Concentrate on doing what you do best.

Rule 7: Set a goal, make a plan, and work hard.

Rule 8: Always take the path of least resistance.

Rule 9: Buy locally and sell globally.

Rule 10: Avoid doing business through third parties.

Rule 11: Assume nothing, verify everything, and be prepared for anything. Rule 12: Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it.

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