Twenty Four Good Reasons to Buy Options Instead of Properties

I am willing to bet anyone an ice cold case of Beck's Beer that the numerous commercial real estate market meltdowns that have occurred during the past 30 years would not have been so severe if the high rollers had bought more real estate options instead of properties. In this way, if they did not want to exercise their real estate options, they could have simply let them expire, and that would have been the end of it. And they would not have incurred any of the transaction, maintenance, management, holding, and debt service costs that eventually forced them to go belly-up. In other words, they would not have been saddled with the financial responsibility and personal liability that go along with outright property ownership, and they automatically would have avoided having to:

1. Fill out intrusive loan applications.

2. Qualify for new loans.

3. Make monthly loan payments.

4. Circumvent loan due-on-sale clauses.

5. Worry about liability lawsuits.

6. Support negative cash flows.

7. Contemplate being foreclosed on.

8. Collect tenant rental payments.

9. File tenant eviction lawsuits.

10. Chase deadbeat tenants.

11. Go into debt.

12. Buy any property.

13. Pay outrageous loan fees.

14. Assume existing loans.

15. Make expensive property repairs.

16. Babysit tenants.

17. Fret over escalating property taxes.

18. Fill vacancies.

19. Pay exorbitant property insurance premiums.

20. Maintain property and tenant records.

21. Clean up after messy tenants.

22. Pay transaction costs.

23. Assume financial and personal liability.

24. Manage property.

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