Use This Book to Become Your Own Real Estate Option Expert

I want you to use this book to educate yourself so that you become your own real estate option expert. I say this because there are very few sources of reliable information and advice, other than this book, available on straight or naked real estate options. My experiences have shown me that many of the people who claim to know all about real estate options really do not know diddly squat about the subject. Case in point: When I first started using options, I had a title agent swear up and down to me that I was required to purchase documentary tax stamps whenever I recorded a memorandum of a real estate option agreement in the public records of my county, Hillsborough County, Florida. This sounded rather farfetched to me because in Florida, documentary tax stamps must be purchased only when there is an actual transfer of a property's title. So, I called the manager at the Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court Recording Department and asked her about it. Guess what? Just as I had suspected, the title agent was chock-full of what makes the grass grow greener. From that point on, I stopped using title companies and started using a board-certified real estate attorney who was very well versed on the inner workings of real estate options. I also learned a very valuable lesson: When it comes to advice on real estate options, trust no one, assume nothing, verify everything, and be prepared for anything. In this business, you just cannot afford to blindly rely on the advice given to you by so-called experts. You must be able to verify everything your advisers tell you. And if you cannot confirm that what you are being told to do is correct, there is an excellent chance that you will end up being what I call a mushroom investor—an investor who is kept in the dark and fed a lot of bullspit by his or her advisers!

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Real Estate 101

Real Estate 101

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