What It Takes to Be a Profitable Real Estate Option Investor

â– before you start reading about the five money-making option strategies, which I have outlined in Part Two of this book, I will tell you what it takes to be a profitable real estate option investor in today's competitive real estate market. In the first part of this chapter, you are going to learn about the traits that separate profitable option investors from the also-rans and wannabes. You do not need to be a card-carrying member of Mensa International, the so-called high IQ society, to make money with options. But you do need to know how to think on your feet and to connect all of the dots so that you can complete a profitable option transaction from scratch and overcome any of the potential deal-killing hurdles, which can pop up at any time. To make it in this business, an investor must possess:

1. A positive mental attitude.

2. An imaginative, analytical, and creative mind.

3. A heavy dose of good old-fashioned common sense.

4. Dogged determination and persistence.

5. Self-confidence and courage.

6. Self-discipline.

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