What You Must Include in Your Rezoning Application Package

In most jurisdictions, a rezoning application package must include the following items:

1. Completed and signed rezoning application.

2. Street address of property.

3. Legal description for property.

4. List of surrounding property owners located within a specific radius of the property.

5. Written statement explaining why the change of the property's land use classification is being requested.

6. Description of the proposed use of the property.

7. A site plan of the property drawn to scale.

8. A location map showing where the property is located within the city or county.

9. A copy of the property's survey.

10. Aerial photographs of the property.

When I am putting a rezoning application package together, I do all of the research and legwork and file all of the necessary paperwork with the appropriate government agency. But when it comes time to attend a rezoning hearing before a so-called zoning master, I sit on the sidelines and hire an experienced attorney whose specialty is land use and zoning. I do this because my attorney is an expert at cutting through all of the bureaucratic gobbledygook and getting re-zoning requests approved on the first go around. This way, I do not have to waste my time worrying about getting involved in a long, drawn-out battle with government bureaucrats and grandstanding politicians.

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