When to Run Your Property Wanted Ad

When is the best time to run your classified property wanted ad? To find out, you will have to experiment by running your ad on various days to find out what works best in your area. For example, in Tampa, I run one of my property wanted ads only in the Sunday edition of the Tampa Tribune. I found that I get pretty much the same response whether I run the same ad for 30 consecutive days or just on Sundays. In addition, I save a small fortune in advertising costs. The kind of response that you will get from your classified property wanted ad depends on four things:

1. How well your ad is written.

2. The classified heading under which it is placed.

3. The size of the paper's circulation.

4. What you say in your ad.

Here is an example of an actual property wanted ad with a forwarded domain name, which my company, Home Equities Corp, has run in the Florida regional edition of the Wall Street Journal under Real Estate Wanted:

Tampa Rentals Wanted! I Buy Problem Properties. All Situations Considered.

Principals Only, Please! Rentalpropertywanted.com [email protected]

The following copy of my business card, which I use as a small display ad and e-mail to property owners who call or e-mail me about my property wanted ads:

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