Where to Find the Names of All the Property Owners in Your County

The name of virtually every property owner in your county is available at your county property appraiser or assessor's office on what's known as the property tax roll. The property tax roll lists every parcel of land in a given county. Depending on where you live, each parcel is assigned a separate tax identification number, either an assessor's parcel number (APN) or an appraiser's folio number. To find out if your county's property tax roll is available online, simply type the name of your county and state into an Internet search engine, such as www.google.com, and click on search. Be aware that in so-called nondisclosure states, only the principals and any real estate licensees involved in a real estate transaction know the sale price. The sale prices of real estate transactions aren't publicly disclosed in the following six nondisclosure states:

1. Indiana.

2. Kansas.

3. Mississippi.

4. New Mexico.

6. Wyoming.

If you live in a nondisclosure state, you will have to get sales data from a private company that maintains real property ownership records for your county or from real estate licensees who have access to the local multiple listing service records. The following is a listing of web sites of companies that maintain real property ownership record databases:

First American Real Estate Solutions: www.firstamres.com/html/home.asp DataQuick: www.dataquick.com

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