Why You Must Know Who the Anti Rezoning Zealots Are in Your Area

In addition to knowing the mechanics of the rezoning process in your area, you must also know who the anti-rezoning zealots are in your area. In virtually every hamlet, village, town, city, and county across America, there is at least one anti-rezoning zealot, who automatically opposes all rezoning changes out of hand.

And the rezoning approval process can become very political when civic, neighborhood, and homeowners' associations become involved. For example, in South Tampa, there is a very vocal woman who fancies herself as an elderly matron and makes it a habit to oppose all rezoning changes in her neighborhood and all surrounding neighborhoods. Any time anyone submits a rezoning request for a property located within these neighborhoods, she and her cronies complain to politicians, whine to the local media, protest at public zoning hearings, and are a real menace to real estate investors. Needless to say, I have not filed any rezoning applications for properties located in her neck of the woods.

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