There six separate tutorials totaling more than 40 minutes of one-on-one instruction.

Along with the actual Pivot Point and Fibonacci calculators, this CD covers:

• How to use the Fibonacci calculator and apply correction and extension studies in your trading analysis

• How to use analysis and calculation to identify Pivot Points

The tutorials are included as follows:

• First Tutorial (12:57)—Fibonacci Corrections Tutorial

• Second Tutorial (3:44)—Instructions on Fibonacci Calculator Corrections

• Third Tutorial (6:50)—Fibonacci Corrections and Extension Tutorial

• Fourth Tutorial (2:51)—Instruction on Fibonacci Calculator Extensions

• Fifth Tutorial (4:56)—Instruction on Pivot Point Analysis

• Sixth Tutorial (9:16)—Instruction on Pivot Point Calculation and Identifying Confluence of Pivot Points

In order to activate the Pivot Point and Fibonacci calculators, users need Internet access. Any Internet speed will work. Users do not need high speed DSL.

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