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Foreign currency is simply money valued against one currency or another, in most cases the U.S. dollar. Simply put, a forex trader is simultaneously buying one currency and selling off another. Money, after all, is what makes the world go 'round. There will always be demand and activity in this product. How to successfully trade this market or any market requires proper education of the vehicle in which you are trading and knowledge of the basic fundamentals and technical analysis tools. One also has to be fairly savvy in technology, as forex trading is virtually all done online through the Internet. Conquering the forex market and mastering success in trading absolutely requires identifying and learning how to avoid a multitude of pitfalls more than it does identifying trading opportunities. In fact, most professional traders will tell you that it is not any specific trading methodology or trading system that makes successful trades; rather it is the discipline and patience needed to master and to stick to their trading rules and to remain controlled in their overall trading methods. In order to win at trading, you must manage risks and understand that there will be lots of losing trades. Remember that success takes time, but mostly it requires consistency in how you seek, execute, and exit positions. If you want to conquer the forex market and wish to learn which technical tools will serve you best, then this is the right book for you.

My goal in this book is to present an easy yet comprehensible set of trading techniques and reliable trading tactics that you can apply in every day trading circumstances. These techniques should help you identify frequently reoccurring trading opportunities. Yet to better enhance these techniques, I will cover why it is important to develop and maintain a systematic approach based on historical data that is back-tested either visually or by the aid of a computer or trading software program. The signals and methods can be applied for long and short positions. Forex has no restrictions on selling short, so these trading methods will improve and increase your trading opportunities because you can trade both long and short strategies. Imagine a trading product that allows you 24-hour access so you can apply techniques that will set your stop-loss levels, profit objectives, and various order types (such as contingency orders and trailing stops) to maximize your performance. This is what the forex market offers, including flexible leverage and commission-free trading.


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Forex Training Guide

Forex Training Guide

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