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Asset pricing models show how risk measures or underlying return-generating factors will affect asset returns. Estimates from such models are usually proprietary and are available from providers by buying their research. Of course, users can always acquire the raw data elsewhere (see, for instance, some of our earlier Internet discussions) and develop their own factor definitions and sensitivity estimates. For subscribers, Barra's Web site offers extensive data and analytical tools. Links offer information on portfolio management, investment data, market indices, risk estimation, and research. Barra offers its clients data, software, and consulting, as well as money management services for equity, fixed income, currency, and global financial instruments. Barra estimates multiple-factor models, and its global and country-specific models provide risk analysis on thousands of globally traded securities, including historical and predicted factor betas. The

Web site of The Dismal Scientist at, which is the leading provider of economic information on the Internet, offering thorough and timely analysis, data, tools, and other features concerning macroeconomic trends and events. This is an excellent source of the type of raw data that would be necessary to construct a comprehensive set of macroeconomic risk factors. This link on the main Web site for the Federal Reserve Board permits access to a tremendous amount of staff research and raw data on the macroeconomy. The statistical releases that are available include daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual data on interest rates (e.g., Treasury bills, notes, and bonds; commercial paper), foreign exchange rates, monetary aggregates, industrial production, and consumer credit.


Basics Of Forex

Basics Of Forex

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