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Can you imagine yourself in the world of commercial real estate investing? Imagine yourself walking through the lobby of your 100-unit apartment complex. What would it look like and feel like to be pulling into the parking lot of a neighborhood shopping center that's all yours? Maybe you can imagine that you're watching your construction crew break ground on your luxury home land development project. What if this project leads to a life where you can live a life of luxury and balance? You'd be able to do things such as drive your kids or grandkids to school every day, maybe even in your pajamas, with a big smile on your face because you've invested wisely. Okay, here's one more scenario that may get you excited: Imagine yourself impacting the lives of hundreds or thousands of kids here and around the world who benefit from your charities, all funded by wealth-building skills and invaluable relationships developed from your commercial real estate investing.

We have two purposes for writing this book. The first is to introduce you to commercial real estate investing. We want to share with you that anyone can learn how to successfully find, research, negotiate, finance, and buy commercial real estate of any type. In this book, we do our best to break down powerful investing concepts that were once thought to be too complex for most people. Our second purpose for this book is to give you the confidence to go after what you really want in life instead of shying away from the true potential that you've always known is somewhere inside of you. To make this jump as easy as possible, you even get a free Commercial Quick Start Training Package, which will allow you to quickly implement the moneymaking ideas in this book. See the About the Authors section at the front of the book for details.

Creating the wealth that allows you to follow your real passion is what's waiting for you whether you're an investor, real estate agent, or lender. Commercial real estate will accelerate your financial freedom, and in the process our hope is that you'll find the true meaning of the "why" in your life. That alone makes this book worth diving into.

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What You Need to Know About Real Estate

What You Need to Know About Real Estate

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