Strategies for Making Offers and Negotiating

In This Chapter

^ Getting your offers accepted ^ Using the Instant Offer System ^ Touching base with the seller ^ Writing offers with contracts or letters of intent ^ Knowing when a deal is worthy of your time ^ Moving on after the seller has accepted your offer

So maybe you've found what you think could be a great deal. It's okay if you're unsure about the deal's strength because in this chapter you discover how and why the seasoned pros constantly make offers to buy commercial property without needing to know all the important facts about whether a property might be successful or not.

This chapter explores how you can increase your chances of actually getting a deal accepted and what to do after your offer has been accepted. We also give you tips on successfully dealing with sellers, paperwork, and contracts. After you understand how easy it is to sign up a deal — including using a special escape clause that makes it risk free — you'll be doing it all the time.

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