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Who do you know that would like to earn the profits that real estate can provide, but lacks the time or inclination to take an active role? Such investing partners can provide cash to the deal and they also may enhance your credibility and borrowing power.

Although space here doesn't permit a full discussion of the legal, tax, and practical issues that partnerships can entail, I will urge you to look into this approach to raising cash for investment. I have brought in a partner on a number of my property investments. All have worked out well for both me and the partners.

Right now, millions of people with money would like to invest in real estate.

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The Real Estate Profits

The Real Estate Profits

If You Are Someone Who Doesn't Want To Take A Share Of The Real Estate Pie, This Is Not For You. Do You Feel The Real Estate Market Is Where Your Heart Lies? Always Wanted To Be A Part Of It. But Were Super Confused And Didn't Know Where To Even Start? Looking For Someone To Hold Your Hand And Guide You? Fret Not.

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