How to Find Auctions

Most auction companies advertise their upcoming auctions in local and sometimes national newspapers (such as the Wall Street Journal ). Auction companies not only want to attract as many bidders as possible, they want to draw large crowds so they can create a sense of anticipation and excitement. In addition to advertising, most auction companies will place your name on their mailing lists.

Local auction companies are listed in the phone book. Large-scale auctions, though, are frequently handled by auction companies that operate nationwide. These include Fisher Auction Company, Hudson & Marshall, JP King, Kennedy-Wilson, Larry Latham, NRC Auctions, Ross Dove & Company, and Sheldon Good & Company. Even if you decide not to bid, large auctions are fun to attend. Try one. Plus, you'll learn the tricks of the trade as you watch the professional auctioneers and investors vie with one another.

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