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When we talk about property improvement, most owners look only for profit-making cosmetic changes: Lay some new carpet, paint the walls, clean up the yard, and put new tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms.

As you will see, though, in Chapters 13 and 14, you can (and should) go far beyond cosmetics. As a truly creative entrepreneurial investor, you will develop a total fix-up and renovation plan that may

involve kitchen and bath remodeling, reconfiguring a floor plan, adding skylights or ceiling height, and attic or basement conversions.

As an entrepreneurial investor, you will survey competing properties, look for unsatisfied tenant (buyer) wants, and then strategically design a plan of improvement to create the wow factor. With wow factors in place, you will not only add to the value of your building, you will attract topflight tenants and collect higher rents.

Create value with wow factors.

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