How to Search Property Ownership Records

Criminal Records

Criminal Records

Employees are an integral part of a companys business. And this is why before hiring an individual for a job position companies deem it important to conduct a thorough background check on that person, which includes his personal history, criminal records, past employment, and the like.

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Background Searcher Investigate Anyone

When you become a member of Background Searcher, you have access to a broad variety of State and Federal files, and you can perform a background search on anyone that you need to. You can also occasionally get unlisted phone numbers and other formerly hidden information. You do not have to be a Federal employee, police officer, or investigator to have access to a huge amount of background data. If you need to see if someone has filed for bankruptcy, been arrested or sued, how many houses, cars or boats they own, and if they large amounts of credit card debt. You can learn all you need to about business partners, employees, family, friends, or potential customers. You can take control of who you do business with. If you want, you can even look at the information that the FBI has on your personally. This information is not just for government workers Anyone can get to it that needs it!

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Types Of Investors And Their Approaches To Alternative Investments

The decision-making process for pension plans can be far more onerous than for many other investors. For these institutions, the trustees and investment staff members make investment decisions on behalf of pensioners. Not only are pension plans in some cases regulated, such as corporate plans in the United States by the Department of Labor under ERISA law, they also may face high levels of scrutiny by their constituents. Therefore, the due diligence in which they engage tends to be far more robust than what one might see at an endowment or foundation. In this instance, due diligence not only includes acquiring references from investors on alternative investment managers, but also some or all of the following background checks portfolio analysis performance attribution analysis evaluation of deal pipelines and counterparty reference checks from banks, brokers, fund administrators, law firms, and auditors.

Anticipate Due Diligence

Typically, the investor and or agents such as attorneys, accountants, or private investigators perform due diligence in these cases. These are typically sophisticated and experienced businesspeople who will evaluate not only the venture but also you and your business and personal background.

Why You Must Use Todays Technology in Your Option Investment Business

First things first You cannot have a phobia of computers and be successful in this business. To be successful, you must use today's technology in your option investment business. I divide the real estate investment business into Before the Internet (BTI) and After the Internet (ATI). In fact, I consider the Internet to be the great equalizer I say this because before the Internet became available to the general public, the average individual real estate investor had no way to readily access public property ownership records and a myriad of other essential real estate-related records. Today, anyone with a personal computer and an Internet connection who knows where to look can gain access to the same information that Fortune 500 companies use to make business decisions. Please understand that when I tell you to incorporate today's technology into your business, I do not mean that you should waste your hard-earned money buying the latest gizmos and gadgets on the market handheld...

Reading Newspaper

I got started in this business Sunday mornings while enjoying my favorite hot drink at home and reading the newspaper. About half of all the deals I have ever found, even the great ones, have come from newspaper ads. Calling on ads at least every Sunday or more often will get you started. If you follow sports, you read the Sunday paper religiously. You learn about the heights and weights of the athletes, their playing statistics, even their arrest records in some cases. If you study the real estate section in the same way, you will become an expert in real estate like you are in sports. It is similar to how some people follow stocks. They know every detail about them and watch their movements 15 times a day. If you did one-tenth of that activity in real estate by steadily going to the real estate section every week, you would become an expert in real estate.

Find Motivated Sellers

When it comes to finding distressed homeowners, a little detective work also comes in useful. Search public notices and courthouse records for owners who are delinquent on their property taxes or are in some stage of the foreclosure process. There's a good chance these people are having money problems and may be eager to sell their homes before a foreclosure is complete.

Thoroughly Screen All Tenant Applicants

The best way to avoid unwittingly renting to professional deadbeats and career criminals is to obtain consumer and business credit and criminal background reports on all tenant applicants to check, verify, and evaluate their credit and criminal histories. Contact the following credit reporting agencies to obtain credit and criminal background reports on tenant applicants

You Must Base Your Denial to Rent on Legitimate Business Reasons

After you have used credit and criminal background reports and other sources to check, verify, and evaluate a tenant applicant's personal and business information, you must decide to accept or deny the applicant based solely on whether he or she is a good business risk and not on personal prejudices. The following are four examples of legitimate business reasons to deny rent to tenant applicants 2. Criminal history People who have been convicted of crimes are a bad business risk.

Of The Investment Process

Operational due diligence is an important part of the investment process. Although it can help address some fundamental questions affecting investment decisions, it tends to be the least monitored of all risks related to hedge funds. Properly executed, operational due diligence is a complement to the normal investment due diligence that institutional investors and professional advisors undertake for their clients before recommending a fund for investment. This investment due diligence typically includes background checks on all of the principal parties in the fund management company as well as investigations of investment style, past performance, trading practices, and other aspects of the investment process. The supplemental operational due diligence that we suggest, however, also focuses on

How to Locate All of the Outof Town Property Owners in Your County

Most out-of-town or absentee property owners become that way because they either inherited a property or, for whatever reason, were forced to relocate and failed to sell their property before they left town. Or, the property is owned by a business entity such as a corporation or limited liability company located outside the county. How do you know if a property belongs to an out-of-town or absentee owner Simply check the property owner's post office mailing address listed for the parcel on your county's property tax roll. If the owner's mailing address is out of your county, then the property belongs to an out-of-town owner. And the farther out-of-town owners live, the better your chances are of being able to buy a low-cost real estate option on their property. I suggest that you contact the customer service department at your county property appraiser or assessor's office to see if they maintain a database of property owners residing outside the county. If not, ask if they know of a...

Risk of Buying Defective Merchandise

L7Title problems can also arise as a result of how the court records proofs of claim. In most jurisdictions, the court mails creditors the official notice of the bar date along with a computer-coded proof-of-claim form (based on the debtor's schedule of liabilities). Sometimes, however, creditors choose to substitute their own forms. As a result, the same claim will be recognized twice once as an entry in the debtor's schedule of liabilities and once as a new claim listed on the creditor's personalized proof-of-claim form. Such duplication may not be corrected for several months. In the meantime, the investor may be hindered in asserting his or her claim because the debtor chooses to recognize only the parallel claim noted on its schedule of liabilities. See Mayer, Claims Trading.

A doityourselfers checklist

I Do you have the means to do a background and credit check on the prospective tenant Again, whether you're leasing to a person or company, both need to be creditworthy and qualified with solid financial strength. In order to perform credit and background checks on individuals, there are many online sources available. They charge a fee each time, but these costs are passed on to the applicant. In order to have a quick check of a business's credit, obtain a Dunn and Bradstreet report from

Move Forward to Make Money

Remember Before you rent your property, always do a credit and criminal background check. Check with two previous landlords, and verify everything they have told you. Warning Never give anyone a key to any of your properties if you have not done a complete credit and background check. Payday 1. After everything checks out well on the background check, it is payday number 1. The tenants give you 3,000 option money up front. That is your money. You are not taxed on that option money until the option is exercised or a sale on the house closes. (That option money will go toward the purchase of the property, so you need to have access to it should they buy the property.) That is 3,000 in your pocket.

Discuss in more detail what good or great due diligence entails and why you feel the average investor should not do

Due diligence includes office visits background checks assessments regarding the quality and quantity of back office staff and assessments of the quality of the fund's administrator, auditor, attorney firm, prime broker, and methodology. With many funds of funds, portfolio transparency is requested from the underlying managers and often received simply because the investor is institutional, rather than a single investor whose motives they cannot be sure of. Funds of funds may also start with a 5 million to 10 million position, instead of 250,000. So the managers tend to be more receptive to invasive kinds of requests like transparency.

How to Make Sure Your Tenant Buyer Is a Renter Not a Buyer

We strongly recommend that you speak with a good real estate attorney in your area who can give you good guidance. The disclosure forms, available at a local stationary store, are simple to do. Also check with your real estate attorney about any other waiver disclosure forms or clauses you may need, like a mold waiver disclosure and registered sex offender (i.e., Megan's Law).

The Borrowers Credit

Write a short personal reference letter. It should touch on those aspects that are critical to the potential loan, as well as give your personal background where you live, who your wife and kids are, what school you went to, and so on. Everything in this personal reference letter should be positive.


People get funded, not plans The A manager with a B plan is always preferable to a B manager with an A plan. High-quality people are the primary criterion for investing in a deal. To assess management team quality and its capability, investors will question the quality of management and, if they are present, the members of the management team. Quality is explored through questions about the individual entrepreneurs, for example. Investors will ferret out the truth about each team member through reference and background checks to verify the integrity, academic credentials, and people skills, as well as through checks on civil, criminal, credit, and, yes, even driving records. Investors question management's skills, correcting the inevitable miscalculations and other mistakes as the company grows. Entrepreneurial fervor, confidence, vision, and ability to solve problems are areas investors look at keenly.

Getting In

A stockbroker was filling out a job application when he came to the question Have you ever been arrested He answered no to the question. The next question, intended for those who answered the preceding question with a yes, was, Why Nevertheless, the stockbroker answered it Never got caught.


The next step in manager evaluation is gathering information on the manager from numerous external sources in order to compare and contrast stories from different sources. Similar to the way a portfolio manager would conduct background checks on a company through questioning customers, suppliers, and the competition, we would also interview the competition (other portfolio managers with a similar investment style), customers (clients of the portfolio manager), and suppliers (sell-side research analysts and corporate management). The objective is to gather facts from various sources in order to confirm or refute a consistent positive pattern the team has developed on a particular manager.

Human resources HR

In the smallest hedge funds, the head of the firm might also be the person in charge of all HR functions. As the size of the hedge fund grows, usually the human resources duties are transferred first to one dedicated HR person in charge of all benefits and recruitment followed by even more HR staff additions dedicated to specific areas. The training and development function is another area that is open to being outsourced partially or completely to a dedicated training and development firm. Recruiters Responsible for implementing recruitment and selection strategies throughout the full recruitment process cycle from development of initial contact database through sourcing candidates, screening, interviewing, compensation research, analyzing background checks, checking references and negotiating offers to ensure that the staffing needs of the organization are met. Thorough knowledge of state and federal employment and labor laws and personnel practices is required. Some hedge funds HR...


Administrative costs include the fees you pay for special professional services such as an attorney to help you establish partnerships and assist you with evictions. Accountants will help you manage accounts receivable and accounts payable as well as guide you through tax laws and tax reporting. If you plan to manage the property yourself, your accountant will come in handy. In addition to these professional services, all the things you do to run the property on a day-to-day basis are considered administrative expenses. These include everything from Post-it notes and postage stamps to criminal and credit background checks.

Deal in the Making

Never rent or lease option a property without first running a credit and criminal background check on everyone that's going to live in it. (When the applicants sign the application, they agree to this credit and criminal background check.) Also, check with at least two previous landlords. In fact, I recommend talking with three previous landlords or hire tenant-screening services to do that for you. Get the tenants to pay for this service through their application fee. Make sure that you screen, screen, screen, and get plenty of references. It's better to have a place empty for six months than have one bad tenant.

Leasing The Property

But be aware that getting residents is not the sole objective. You want to attract the right residents. So as a rule, I never rent an apartment to anyone who has not been run through a criminal and credit check. In every apartment building or community that we manage, every applicant is run through a background check. We are not under any obligation by law to rent to criminals or sex offenders under any equal housing act. And I don't feel any moral obligation to give those who need a fresh start a home in our apartments. What I do feel is a moral responsibility to provide as safe a living environment as possible for our residents. I feel even more strongly about background checks after the 9 11 tragedy. When the identities of the terrorists behind the attacks as well as those who took part in the killings were revealed, several news stations reported where they lived and interviewed neighbors. In almost every instance, they lived in rental housing and many of them had fraudulent...

Reputation Risk

Forensic accountants and other financial analysts offers sound ground for assessing staff selection. Background checks for finding real suitability, rather than professional skill listed in a glossy CV can find out the sad truth.12 Otherwise, risk and return appetites become more estranged.