Seeing the World Through Forex

This chapter opened with a description of the Silk Road 1,000 years ago. A New York Times reporter recently visited a city on the old route and wrote of the same mixture of people and goods that had characterized it centuries ago. The patrons who had crowded into local restaurants for dishes of lamb kebab and stew "seem as though they could have been chosen by casually throwing darts at a map of Asia."

"There are alluringly dressed women with black hair, fair skin and striking blue eyes who look passably Russian," wrote the reporter. "There are men with heavily lined, tea-colored faces and brush-thick mustaches who resemble Afghans. There are Turkish-looking Uighurs in Muslim skullcaps and robes and mid-length beards."4

Scenes like this are occurring all over the world. Trade is flowing again, released by a communications revolution and new geopolitical realities. Participating in Forex is to join this process, to see the world for the vibrant market that it is. Having an appreciation of this will allow you to see opportunities, anticipate movements, and be a better trader.

Forex Trading Manual

Forex Trading Manual

In  any  business  or  moneymaking  venture,  preparation  and foreknowledge are the keys to success.   Without this sort of insight,  the  attempt  to  make  a  profitable  financial  decision can only end in disaster and failure, regardless of your level of motivation  and  determination  or  the  amount  of  money you plan to invest.

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