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From early February to early March, prices vibrate between the RZH of 8824 and the RZL of 8726. Stochastics remain oversold, with no definitive sign of movement either up or down.

A 45-degree trendline (F) drawn from a minor reaction point on 2/21 at a high of8902, is broken on 3/6 with prices opening and closing above it. Prices are still under the RZH of 8824. This could be either a resistance or support level.

On 3/8, prices close at 8826. On 3/9, prices again close under the RZH of 8814. Both stochastics have risen above 20.

From doing so well on your last four trades, you feel confident in your ability, and decide to buy the market on 3/10 at the opening of 8820 (even without very decisive signals). A stop is placed at the RZL of 8726.

Time to make more money.

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