Market Order

The second way is through market order. This method will turn points into profits as soon as you call your broker. Your position will be liquidated at the best price available.

Again using Chart 18 as an illustration, you may want to liquidate your position when prices begin entering the upper area of the Retracement Zone. Consider that the RZH of Chart 18 is 5932 and that the high of 11/23 (a Primary Gann Pivot Point day) is 5910. You may feel comfortable with your profits and think the market "cannot go" any higher.

On the next trading day, 11/25, the high was 5907. The 11/23 high of 5910 appears to be a significant high. Both highs are near the upper Retracement Zone limit of 5932. You could have placed a market order on either day to liquidate your position. This would have been somewhere around 5900.

Safety or maximum profits - the choice is yours.

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