4expipsystem Forex Trading System

4expipsystem Forex Scalping System

What is 4expipsysetm?

4expipsystem is a forex trading system designed to work in betting platforms. By following this simple system, you will be in a better position to earn profits in the hot forex markets. The system includes:

  • A set of trading rules to follow
  • Indicators set-up explanation and usage
  • Examples of entry trade set-ups
  • Help and guidance on how and when to trade

4expipsysetm can be applied on any trading platform as long as the indicators are available, most of which are available online free of charge.

However, according to their website, 4expipsystem is not the following:

  • An automated trading system. This means you need to be online and be able to focus to have any form of success with the system.
  • A guarantee of profits. Well, no system in the world can guarantee you profits. If they do, that should be the first red flag and they are probably a scam.

What You Should Know About 4expipsystem

Daily Profits

The creators of 4expipsystem recommend that users set their profit target and once they reach it, you stop trading for the day. On a strong trend, it is possible to see 20 pip profits per trade, but it is advised that you target 10 pips per trade with a 20 pip stop loss.

What You Get When You Buy the System

4expipsystem comes with a 25 page PDF document containing everything you need to get going. The material covers basic trading rules which every trader should be conversant with. You will also get detailed knowledge and instructions on setting up the system and configuring your trading platform, basic entry rules, examples of entry signals and advice on when to exit trades. The trading system indicates two types of entry signals, basic and market turn signals.

Where to Buy the System

The system is listed on CLICKBANK. After paying, you will be redirected to a download link instantly. The landing page with a ‘thank you’ message will also contain instructions on how to download the product. The product does not work on a subscription basis but a one-time software purchase.

After that, 4expipsystem can be used as long as you have access to standard indicators. That means you can use it on any trading platform. With the platform's IG.com and MT4, you can access any trading platform you wish.

It is should be noted that CLICKBANK is the only place where you can buy an official copy of 4expipsystem. Any other place is not authorized unless you purchase it through the creators’ Digital delivery Application, where your copy will be given a unique reference, your name, and email. It is only the official copies of the platform that receive support from the owners. 

Trading Times

The system works well mainly on the core trading windows of the chosen currency pair by the creators. Usually, the best time to trade is from 0700-1000 (AM session) and 1300 (PM session) GMT. Nevertheless, the system works at all times excluding the night hours. In order to ensure profitable dealing, you need to pay close attention to your trade. But if you don’t want to stay on your computer all day, you can set a 20 pip stop loss so that your losses can be controlled. It is also recommended that you set LIMIT if you are going for quick profits so that your trades automatically exit. While the signal can happen at any trading time, traders are advised to stick around between 0630-0730 GMT, a time which the system could work for you.

Currency Pair

4expipsystem can work on any currency pair, however, it works perfectly on those currency pairs which enter the trend every day, such as GBP/USD and EUR/USD. According to the creators of the system, they have not tested it on all currency pair; therefore they cannot guarantee it will work perfectly with every currency pairing.

Who Can Use 4expipsystem?

If you are looking to earn some money through forex trading, then this system is perfect for you. But you need to know that your money will be at a huge risk because spread betting carries a high level of risk. For this reason, only speculate with money you are willing to lose. The system also requires that you trade during the peak trading hours, which is a 5-minute scalping system that requires all your attention. Remember 4expipsystem is not an automated trading platform.

Bottom Line

4expipsystem is a great trading platform that requires little knowledge of trading to use. All you need to use that platform is your computer and internet access along with a trading account on the platform. You can use any trading platform as 4expipsystem supports IG Index, which can be used on almost all trading platform. You also receive a PDF document to guide you on how to use the platform and detailed information on trading rules and practices.

4expipsystem Forex Scalping System
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