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Cover The Draw

Do you gamble? Would you like to be rewarded for your passion for football? Have you been losing more than you are earning when betting? Learn how to be a winner with Cover The Draw betting system. Start winning today when you use one of the best football betting tips on every match day of the week.

Betting is one of the easiest ways to earn money in the world today. The amount of cash that goes in and out of betting companies is overwhelming. More than 70% of the world population and out of this, 40% of the gamblers place bets on football matches. Placing a bet on a football match is easy, all you need to do is to predict what will in the match and if your prediction comes to play, you automatically become a winner.

In a football match bet, there are a lot of things to bet about that happen in a match. Things like; amount of corners, amount of yellow cards, number of goals, which player will score, first team to score, which team will win, will both teams get a draw and so on. As you can see, a lot of things but you need to know that each prediction comes with an odd. For example, Chelsea to win Manchester united can get an odd of 2.35. The higher the chance that your prediction is likely to occur, the lesser the odd and vice versa.

The painful thing about betting is that if you make a series of bet to place and after placing one of your bets lost, you’ve lost the entire bet. So the main  aim is to try to make sure all your predictions occur and that is where Cover The Draw is going to come in to assist you with the right tips to ensure your bet predictions pay off and earn you profit.

Robert Horbury is the creator of the Cover The Draw system. The system offers you daily Acca’s with good odds. I know you would be asking yourself what Acca’s mean. Acca’s simply means accumulators. They rely on multiple results to come in and if one lets you down, as it usually does then you can wave goodbye to your bet.

Cover The Draw

Cover The Draw is a unique football betting system that differs from simply backing the value team that you think will win, by allowing for a draw to happen to still have a winning bet. This simply means that instead of predicting a team to win and they end up in a draw, why not cover the draw aspect of the match and win the bet.

With this new system you may accept not as good odds for the win, but your bets will come in more often because you are covered on the draw result as well. So instead of going for the big odds on an outright win you are more steadily chipping away at winning bets on either wins or draws in these matches. The interesting thing about this strategy is that if the team you chose is losing during the match, there is still time for a potential win if they equalize and end the game with a draw.

It’s fair to say there can be nothing more frustrating when betting on football than backing a team at a big price you fancy to do well, only to see them pegged back by a late equalizer.To avoid this kind of tragedy and pain, you need to cover the draw. Place the bet in such a way that it will cover both the win and the draw in order to avoid loss. The teams in this tipster service do extensive research to identify the matches of value where you can get a solid winning bet on either a win or a draw result for your chosen team. Recommendations are only made when their research matches up with value odds with the bookies.

You can attain astonishing profits in the space of 7 weeks. Remember that patience is key when you want to use this strategy to win. If you are looking for something too big or want to earn a large amount of money so quickly, then this system is not for you.

The common mistake most people who plays bet make is doubling up on their next bet if they hit a loser. But by doing this they risk wiping out all their money if they get a few losses in a row. So slow and steady wins the race with this one.


Register with this betting platform today and enjoy winning streaks like never before. You need to be patient for you to enjoy the full benefit of this strategy and claim victory on any bet which you play.

Play safe and keep winning!

Cover The Draw
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