FXLIFESTYLE Trade Forex Like a Pro

Fxlifestyle Trade Forex Like a Pro

Fxlifestyle is a forex signal website owned and operated by a dazzling 22-year-old man named Samir, who lives in London, England. He is a billionaire, thanks to his knowledge in the Forex Trading business which he has done for six years. His company started in the year 2015 and over the years, he has amassed great wealth. Fxlifestyle is an entity whose marketing operations would entice anyone who would not create time to have some research done properly before giving in to this website and investing huge amounts of money. It is sad to say this, but it is claimed that most people have fallen to the scam and have been fed the sweet lies. Analysts assert that the author has scammed people mainly from the United States, United Kingdom, South East Asia and Australia whose age group is between 18 to 25 years. His website supposedly offers a number of trading solutions, forex signals, binary options signals, and trading videos in the name of Forex Trading courses. He flaunts his material wealth such as classic cars, gold watches, tons of money and expensive bags. He also travels a lot and lounges in some of the most expensive hotels.

Offers from the Company

The company offers the following courses:

  • Forex educational course at $129
  • Daily Forex Trading signals at $40 a month.

A certain website, TradingSchools.Org, says that it received different complaints from different people with regard to Fxlifestyle. After examining the addresses from the complainers, the following observations were made:

  • 3 victims in Australia lost $9,000
  • 2 victims in South East Asia lost $4,000
  • 4 victims in the United States lost $11,000
  • 3 victims in the United Kingdom lost $6,000

However small the fee is, it is important to note that the money can quickly amount to a big loss as they keep on asking you to add money to cater for the services offered. This is a trick you can easily fall for. Several victims noticed that this website was a scam through the Forex Peace Army (FPA) postings. Nonetheless, it was quite late to save their dollars.

The criteria Employed by the Entity

The scam is executed skillfully and you need to quite discerning to avoid falling victim of the trickery. Once one gets access to the website, he or she will be enticed by images of cash, said to be made through the Forex Trading business, expensive cars and videos of laptops showing forex charts. The victim is also enticed by fake client results along with faked positive reviews. One is then directed to a page named “real Trading performance” posted there. The victims are further required to open a Forex Trading account with a random different forex broker who happens to be affiliated to Fxlifestyle. These forex brokers links are affiliate links and one will be required to pay $250 to $500 for each new account opened as the affiliate commission. This is a lot of money considering that you are still at initial stages.

Once the Trading account is set up, the victim receives a random stream of trades that are not genuine. They are copy-pasted, something that makes the victim believe that they are receiving marvelous investment signals. The real thing is that the operator of Fxlifestyle is not interested in your winnings but your money. Even though there are some few lucky people who may be lucky to benefit from the signals given, many fall victims. The students who are signed into the course program get to be taken through basic laws and guidelines that are of low importance.

They have additional ways they use to extract money from you. They will sell to you a different product by the name “super-secret”. In order to access the algorithm, you will be required to add more funds to your trading account. There are a number of reviews from victims of the scam. They highlight their pain on how their funds drowned.

It is every Forex Trader dream to make huge profits and earn lots of money. Therefore, they find additional ways to make this dream come true. Furthermore, many people out there want to earn money through Forex Trading and so they opt to find ways through which they can use to have knowledge in the field. Nevertheless, it is sad seeing some other people taking advantage of their desires and exploit them to the maximum. The victims end up draining their money, leaving them broke than they were while the fraudsters accumulate wealth.

Therefore, it is advisable to weigh options before getting yourself in a compromising situation. There is a lot of scams out on the internet and this is one of them. Do not follow ideas discussed to you by Fxlifestyle, or else you will weep. Do an in-depth analysis of all the online programs before investing your dollars in them. 

Fxlifestyle Trade Forex Like a Pro
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