Land Development Model

Who is the Creator of the Product, and why should you trust them?

The land development model has been put on retail by a trusted and secure trademark, ClickBank, which is recognized worldwide. We should trust the creator of this product for various reasons. First and foremost, the appraisal and evaluation tool has been made in such a way that it is easy to use and requires no additional cost in hiring a professional to do the work. The model has been made in excel sheets which allow the users to save their data, print, and use passwords for security purposes. Additionally, the model will enable users to evaluate and estimate their option values, recognize the timeline concept of the development process, demonstrate the leverage concept, among others. Provision of these different capabilities makes work easier for the users as all they need to do is to feed in their data in the sheet and get the exact results of the development process.

What is the Actual Product about, and what does it include?

The actual product is about approximating the values of the land development process. Land value differs before and after the development process has begun. The model allows for the analysis of an unlimited number of phases, one phase at a time. This model includes the structure layout and what benefits the users can derive by using this development model. For instance, the model consists of project duration of up to ten years, output pages which are generated simultaneously with input, the links to and from the model pages, and the model consistency section. Apart from the model structure, users benefit from the ability to estimate their profits by year, the effect of seller financing on profits, be aware of the timeline concept of the development process, evaluate the impact of interest rates trends, analyze earnings before tax and estimate their return on equity among others. This makes work easier for users.

What Problem Can The Product Help To Solve?

Land development helps in solving problems such as poor infrastructure and stagnant social and economic growth in communities. Infrastructure is essential in the daily operations of society or business enterprises. Land development improves infrastructure in towns and cities. This can include improving road conditions for smooth operations to and from places of work or resident, installing sidewalks to reduce accidents levels in a country, and increasing number of public parking spaces to reduce congestion. This sub-division is important for the safety and the smooth running of the community and businesses. In addition to that, land development has an impact on social and economic development in that it creates room for business expansion, which in turn opens more employment opportunities for the youth. Also, commercial and residential construction stimulates growth in real estate, schools, and even tourism sites. This proves that construction and development are essential for the growth of the economy.

What is the format of the Product, and what do you get?

The product requires an excel sheet to run and is delivered over the internet at the time of purchase. The product comes in the form of an excel sheet after purchase. Apart from that, the land development model is structured in a way that it can analyze up to three phases in one step, its excel functionality allowing for printing, saving and securing the documents with a password, model consistency section where users enter the values of variable land development components and output pages which are generated simultaneously with input pages, just to mention but a few. Purchasing the model gives users an easy time by just feeding in data, and the model does the calculation. No manual calculation is required when using the development model. Returns on equity, recognizing the timeline concept of the development process are just some of the few advantages that come with the model.

Who is the Product intended for, and is it actionable?

The product can be used by constructors, real estate agents, land developers, lenders, real estate appraisers, and any other individual who is interested in the development process. This model is effective for use for those who know real estate and even individuals who do not have the knowledge. Its ability to be used easily without inviting a professional for help allows even learners to navigate around the model. In addition to that, descriptions and labeling on the input page have been adjusted to line up with the model to the three stages of land subdivision process. The model is inexpensive, straight forward and fast working, allowing users to minimize time wastage. The land development model is not illegal for use by builders or developers. This is because the government only recognizes trusted and secure dealers, such as ClickBank, which is a registered trademark responsible for retailing this product.

Land Development Model
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